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You look in the mirror and recognize a dreaded extra chin that you never thought you would ever see growing on you!  But it is there and getting a bit larger year by year. So, let’s get serious and double-down on the causes of a double chin and talk about our non-invasive solutions by Inathe.

How did this happen?  Double chins are caused by the growth of a layer of unwanted fat that develops underneath the chin. Many believe that weight gain is typically the cause of a double chin growing.  While weight gain can be a contributor to growing that extra layer, it is not necessarily the only culprit. Diet and weight are a contributor when an individual consumes a diet high in calories, eats a lot of processed foods, and consumes unhealthy fats.  All of this is true but not the only one. Let’s explore some other causes.

Age is a factor causing many issues such as wrinkles, sagging skin, and more.  As someone ages, the elasticity in the skin begins to diminish. That can lead to the skin becoming saggy and can contribute to the creation of a double chin.

You were born.  Yes, it is true and just because of that you may be a candidate for a double chin. Genetics are a factor.  A family who carries a certain genetic code can find skin lacking elasticity and their offspring could carry the same trait.  Saggy skin? More chance for that extra layer of fat to develop.

Flawless by Inathe Skin Firming & Lipo Laser

“Stand up straight, Tommy.” Remember this? Your mother told you to sit up straight when you were a child.  Well, she was right for many reasons. Maybe the development of a double chin was not the reason she told you to watch how you carried yourself but when you do have poor posture it can also weaken the muscles around the neck and chin. Then, voila, a double chin comes moving in. Why? The muscles are not used enough when you don’t watch your posture.  So, sit up straight and keep you chin held high. Thank your mother that she told you that.  She never thought about a double chin developing from poor posture but it’s a good thing she helped develop that behavior in you.  A great posture.

Now, maybe you find yourself with the dreaded extra chin.  At Inathe, we can help eliminate what caused that extra layer of skin by our revolutionary high quality laser treatments.  Call us! Why not. Our treatments are no pain and non-surgical. You will see immediate results. Bet on it. Plus, don’t forget we are the only company that offers one FREE TRIAL!  You can’t go wrong with Inathe. We hope to talk to you and see you soon.

Double chins unite and be gone!

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