Beach time and you notice, Cellulite?

Don’t skip the oceanside walks in your bathing suit. Come see Inathe and she will help you get your beach body back.

What happened? Yikes, Cellulite. What in the world to do with reducing the dreaded bumps and dimpling.  At the Flawless by Inathe spa, we have a non-surgical, non-invasive system that will help reduce the appearance of that nasty Cellulite.

At one time or another, people can find those dreaded bumps and lumps occurring in “unwanted areas.”  Who needs them?!  You don’t.  We at the Flawless by Inathe spa will explain in this blog the reason that Cellulite grows and give you some options on how to reduce it and hopefully see it disappear.

Here are some quick facts that most people don’t know. There are a few different kinds of Cellulite and they occur for different reasons. First things first, Cellulite is visible fat that grows under the layers of skin. If the skin is loose or rather not tight, then the fat will collect in pockets and show through the layer of skin and that is where is you start seeing the undesired lumps and bumps.

Sorry ladies, you are more prone to seeing Cellulite because of hormonal differences. Now that we mention this, let’s just carry on.

Cellulite Treatment at the Flawless by Inathe Spa in Palm Harbor Florida

We at the Flawless by Inathe spa will explain what we can do at the end of this blog. Keep on reading, you will want to know and won’t be disappointed.

Let’s learn about the different types of Cellulite. Regardless of the type, good diet and exercise is one of your best bets. Poor health habits and nutritional deficiencies creates what is called Adipose Cellulite.  It is also referred to as Orange Peel Cellulite.

Everyone retains water from time to time and it can be because of the beginning of a menstrual cycle or a sodium imbalance. If the water retention issue is solved then this can eliminate the problem. That said, Cellulite that forms in the fat can be hard to reverse. 

There are answers. One, to know what is causing the Cellulite and two ensuring proper nutrition, diet, and exercise.

At the Flawless by Inathe spa, we have another solution.  Our non-invasive, non-surgical answer can be added to proper nutrition and voila, you will see improvements.

Our exclusive Body Sculpting treatment helps reduce those nasty bumps and lumps. Even after the first treatment most clients see a change in how the clothes or bathing suit they wear looks. How will they look? They look and fit better, for sure.  No negative effects and clients can expect no downtime, no need for anesthesia, no bruising, or swelling.  Why not try it? We know it works and stand by our treatments and our amazing Body Sculpting System.

 Call us today to find out more.  We are here to take you to your younger self be it stomach, love handles, back fat, arm fat, calves, neck, double chin, butt and thighs and any Cellulite growth! We will always have you covered from head to toe.

Call us today and we would love to see you soon for your first consultation.

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