Ionic Foot Detox treatment and adding jet power to your overall health and wellness in Palm Harbor, FL

At Flawless by Inathe, we pride ourselves in non-invasive, nurturing procedures that bring all parts of your body to natural balance, health, and harmony.  We want to talk to you about another method that you can add to a list of options we provide to do just that. 

Everything we consume, our lifestyles, and environment do affect our body.  As well, over time our body can develop what are called toxins.

Toxins, simply described, are a buildup things like heavy metals, variable pollutants that can be caused by the air we breathe, and those that are derived from the food we eat and what we drink. The net, toxins clog and drain your body from ultimate wellbeing.  Basically, they need to go!

Perhaps you feel bloated, your constipated, your tired, your breath is less than fresh, or you have slight memory loss, insomnia, or moodiness.  Those are all signs that your body is telling you it needs some help “under the hood.”  Or, in other words, it needs to be refreshed and rebooted.

Granted, our body does have a fantastically integrated solution.  Our liver, kidneys, digestive system, skin, and lungs are the protector to clean all of it up.  That said, they can also get “overloaded.”  Times of stress, lack of sleep, poor diet can put those systems out of balance causing a myriad of those unwanted feelings.

One solution is to bring that spring back in your step with an Ionic Food Detox Treatment facilitated by our trained practitioners at Inathe.  Essentially this non-invasive, relaxing treatment literally drains the toxins out of your body through your feet!

Get in Step! How Ionic Foot Detox works at our Spa in Palm Harbor, FL.

The process integrates hydrogen in the water to give it a positive charge. The Ionic Foot soak then drains them out into the water leaving the toxins in the water and not in your body. The benefits are endless. This treatment purges yeast, detoxifies the liver, charges the immune system, reduces inflammation, balances your PH level, purifies blood and lymph cells, and kidneys. Not bad!

“Working on it” and wanting to grow a size smaller?  This detox method also can boost your metabolism allowing your body to burn fat faster! Can you believe that you can also rid your body of toxin-saturated fat cells?  All of this combined will decrease cellulite and help you keep your preferred body weight.

Why not try a nurturing, non-invasive, even relaxing treatment that has endless benefits to your health and overall wellness at our Spa in Palm Harbor, FL.

We would love to treat your feet!


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